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Social media marketing is an effective, low cost way of promoting your website or facility through the Internet. It can act as a supplemental marketing tool to gain attention and drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately your facility.

Social media marketing programs should contain content that attracts attention, generates online conversations and encourages readers to share the information with their friends. Most importantly, it is essential to keep social media up-to-date. Social media is driven by individuals, so your message can spread quickly (go viral) from one person to another. It’s a great way to build your patient base by using your existing patients to help drive your message.

Social media is easily accessible to anyone with Internet access. It has opened doors for facilities to increase their “brand” awareness within the community. Additionally, social media is a relatively inexpensive way for facilities to include in their existing marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Can:

  • Help increase your website traffic
  • Increases the awareness of your brand
  • Provides a broader patient reach
  • Is relatively inexpensive to implement

Examples of Social Media Postings

Have fun with social media posts! This is a great way to connect to your patients. Linking to fun articles on health and wellness can be a good way to improve the number of likes or follows that you have on your page. If you have an established following on social media, it can be a great tool to use to build your patient base. But remember, it is essential to keep your postings short and to the point.

  • 3D Mammograms are now available at #FacilityName. Book yours today!
  • We are the only game in town offering #3DMammography. Beat #breastcancer. Schedule an appointment today.
  • New 3D #mammography at #FacilityName Breast Center helps us detect #breastcancer at earlier stages.
  • The 3D mammography technology is here at #FacilityName, and with this technique, doctors can look layer by layer.
  •  3DMammography also known as #breasttomosynthesis is the latest breakthrough in mammography and #FacilityName has it!
  • 3D Mammography examines layers of tissue, meaning cancers may be detected earlier. Learn more: <Facility Website>
  • Are you dense? Dense breasts that is. 3D Mammography is more effective when you have dense breast tissue. Call us today! #3dmammography
  • Check out this video on how #3Dmammography is superior to tradition 2D mammos
  • Want to know what the #3Dmammo buzz is about? Watch this video to learn more!

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