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  1. Referring Physician Education

    Your key to success

  2. Educating Referring Physicians

    Referring physicians may be the most important customer you serve, second only to the women of your community. Keeping them informed about advances in technology and the clinical standards of your office/imaging center, is crucial in developing strong relationships. This group is also key to your success in building business since the recommendation to have a mammogram is often made in the referring physician's office.

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  3. Open House

    or Lunch & Learn

    Informing your referring physicians about the benefits of your Hologic 2D and or 3D mammography system gives you the opportunity to reinforce key clinical performance messages, answer questions and provide other relevant information, helping you deliver consistent patient communications.

  4. Personal Visits to Physicians

    If you can get face-to-face with your referring physicians, this is an ideal opportunity to educate them on the exceptional screening and diagnostic capabilities of your Hologic mammography system.  Be sure to bring with you case studies and/or clinical white papers showcasing both the technology and other facility’s experiences with this mammography system.  Both are available for free download through the Pink Ribbon Facility marketing site.

    For 3D mammography education, consider directing the referring MDs to Hologic’s clinican web page ( and patient web page ( for more information.

  5. HTML Emails

    How to send an email blast:

    PC Users with Internet Explorer
    To send the email blast, click on a link from the right, which will open in a browser window (be sure to use Internet Explorer). Once launched in the browser, go to your brower menu and select: File > Send > Page by Email. This will open the contents in your email client. Once it's open in Outlook, you can edit the body copy to add your facility information, enter you recipient(s) and subject line and hit send!

    MAC Users
    To send the email blast, click on a link from the right, which will open in a browser window. Click anywhere in the open window, then Select All (command A) and Copy (command C). Open your email client, create a new message and Paste (command P) the contents into your email. From there you can edit copy, add your facility information, enter you recipient(s) and subject line and hit send!


    Click on a link below to open it in a browser window. Then follow the directions to the left.
  6. Preparing for Your Event

    Send invitations to your referring physician base (invitations are available through the Pink Ribbon Facility marketing site). You may consider holding a short presentation at the beginning of the evening to promote your capabilities, including sample cases and technology overview ppts from the Pink Ribbon Facility marketing site. You also might want to show a movie explaining the technology as well as patient movies to your guests. Think about what sets your facility apart from others in your area and incorporate that message into the beginning and close of your presentation. A tour of your facility and demonstration of your equipment can round out the evening. Prepare a parting gift for physicians that includes patient brochures and posters for them to display and pass out in their offices.



    • Target your largest referring practices
    • Are there any new physicians in the area who you can reach out to?
    • What practices in your area can you target to bring women to your facility?
    • Which physicians send their patients to other breast centers?
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