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  1. Educating Your Patients

    The foundation to a successful marketing plan

  2. Educating Patients

    Patient outreach is extremely important to both your patients and your center. It can help strengthen physician-patient relationships, increase overall patient satisfaction and build referrals.

    You will find many tools to help build awareness about your mammography offerings to the women in your community. Meeting face-to-face with women is ideal for building relationships and trust.

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    Scroll down to learn about ways to educate:
    • Community Events
    • Girls Night Out!
    • Emails to Patients
    • Social Marketing
    • Make the Promise
  3. Community Events

    How can you do this without spending a fortune?
    • Go online
    • Check the local papers
    • Call the local Chamber of Commerce
    • Consult with other medical-related businesses in the area and ask about "local happenings."
    • Health fairs, women's conferences, breast cancer walks

    There are so many great opportunities to showcase your services and technologies. Participating in an event provides a wonderful opportunity to speak directly with women in your community and listen to their concerns, address their questions and provide – very valuable information about your center and its services.

    • 2D Collateral
    • 3D Collateral
    • Infographics
    • Movies
    • Tips

    To play a movie, click on a link below. To save the movie to your computer, right click on the link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As".

    • Create excitement at your event by holding a raffle. Great way to obtain contact info and to thank your guests for coming!
    • Create an attractive display of patient pamphlets and/or giveaway items with your facility's contact information.
  4. Girls Night Out!

    Host a nice night out for your current patients as well as women in your community at your facility or at a local function hall. Plan on asking someone from your facility speak about 3D and/or 2D mammography or even find a patient to speak about how the technology affected her life in a positive way. A patient is always a great way to reach women about the importance of annual screenings. Offer food and drinks and consider offering a raffle item (KitchenAid® mixer, iPod®, spa gift certificate, etc).


    Give away fun bracelets to your patients that represent their ongoing dedication to health! Visit the marketing store to order some today!

  5. HTML Emails

    How to send an email blast to your patients:

    PC Users with Internet Explorer
    To send the email blast, click on a link from the right, which will open in a browser window (be sure to use Internet Explorer). Once launched in the browser, go to your brower menu and select: File > Send > Page by Email. This will open the contents in your email client. Once it's open in Outlook, you can edit the body copy to add your facility information, enter you recipient(s) and subject line and hit send!

    MAC Users
    To send the email blast, click on a link from the right, which will open in a browser window. Click anywhere in the open window, then Select All (command A) and Copy (command C). Open your email client, create a new message and Paste (command P) the contents into your email. From there you can edit copy, add your facility information, enter you recipient(s) and subject line and hit send!

  6. Social Media Marketing

    If you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account or an account on any of the many social media sites, take advantage of the free advertising to be done through these channels.

    • Include a post announcing that you now have 3D and/or 2D mammography available to women
    • Include a link to your web page that tells them more information about your offerings
    Social media is a great marketing strategy that is low cost and will help drive traffic to your website and ultimately your facility.
  7. Make the Promise

    There is no better time. Help yourself. Help your girlfriends.
    Make the promise.

    The “Promise to Me” global women’s health initiative sponsored by Hologic launched in 2010 with a focus on breast cancer detection. It expanded to include cervical health and bone health information one year later.

    This year we've set a goal for 100,000 women to make the promise and pass it on to all of the women in their lives.

    Help us reach our goal. Please, make the promise. Then pass it on.

    Empower women to make their health a priority and we can start to reduce the number of women who are impacted by treatable diseases. To date we've spread this message to tens of thousands of women in over 95 countries – and we're just getting started.

    Help us reach 100,000 promises by making the promise today.

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