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  1. Educating Your Staff

    Training your front desk staff is just as important to your patients as it is to your practice. Taking the opportunity to educate your front desk, check-in and phone staff will help set them at ease when talking with patients. In turn, when a patient asks a question about the technology, they will get an answer – and a correct one! Just knowing a little about your technology offerings can go a long way. Below are a few helpful ideas to get you started.


    • Hold an Open House for staff only and use the PowerPoint presentations offered in both of our 2D and 3D marketing sections to educate them on your new technology.
    • Give them each a patient brochure to read and have handy in case they are asked questions.
    • For our 3D customers, we have created an FAQ handout, which can be used for both your staff and patients.
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