Pink Ribbon Facility Marketing Kit
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  1. Preparing for Your Event

    Send invitations to your referring physician base (invitations are available through the Pink Ribbon Facility marketing site). You may consider holding a short presentation at the beginning of the evening to promote your capabilities, including sample cases and technology overview ppts from the Pink Ribbon Facility marketing site. You also might want to show a movie explaining the technology as well as patient movies to your guests. Think about what sets your facility apart from others in your area and incorporate that message into the beginning and close of your presentation. A tour of your facility and demonstration of your equipment can round out the evening. Prepare a parting gift for physicians that includes patient brochures and posters for them to display and pass out in their offices.



    • Target your largest referring practices
    • Are there any new physicians in the area who you can reach out to?
    • What practices in your area can you target to bring women to your facility?
    • Which physicians send their patients to other breast centers?
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