Expand your lab's potential with Panther Fusion®.
The Panther Fusion® system continues the legacy of sample-to-result automation that began with the Panther® system. With the addition of the Panther Fusion module, this fully automated, random-access system joins the flexibility of PCR with the power of TMA for multiple valuable chemistries in your lab on a single platform. This platform consolidates and simplifies molecular testing with minimal hands-on time for true walkaway freedom.
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Panther Fusion System
Stay a Step Ahead

The future of respiratory testing has arrived with the FDA approval of the Panther Fusion® Respiratory assays on the Panther Fusion system. Be prepared for the upcoming flu season with a fully automated, modular approach to syndromic respiratory testing.
Personalized Patient Testing

The Panther Fusion Respiratory assays and Panther Fusion system support the accurate and timely diagnosis of respiratory tract infections. Run the Panther Fusion Respiratory assays independently or simultaneously from a single patient sample. This approach allows for more personalized patient testing and the flexibility to better control testing costs. PCR and TMA
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Panther Fusion Respiratory Assays
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