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A Better Mammogram is Now Available

Our Genius 3D mammography is the only exam proven to be clinically superior to 2D mammography.¹ This October, Hologic launched an awareness campaign about the unique benefits Genius 3D mammography provides for patients and the healthcare system.² As a result, you may soon begin to receive questions from your patients about this potentially life-saving technology.

Here are some key facts to help you respond to these questions:
Improved Quality of Care
Compared to 2D mammography, Genius 3D mammography is a more accurate exam for all breast densities.¹

Hear what impact Genius 3D mammography had on this patient’s life.
Clinically Proven Performance
A recent JAMA study with 450,000+ exams found this technology provides:¹
  • 41% improvement in invasive cancer detection
  • 15% reduction in recalls

Read the JAMA abstract.
Genius 3D mammography is available in all 50 states.
Find a Genius 3D mammography facility .
What would you call a technology that detects 41% more invasive breast cancer and significantly reduces recalls?

If you were a woman whose breast cancer might have been missed, you’d call it Genius.

So we did.

Please join us in launching a new era of awareness about the benefits of Genius 3D mammography.
L E A R N    M O R E
Referring Physicians
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Genius 3D mammography exam is available on Selenia Dimensions 3D mammography system.
¹ Friedewald SM, Rafferty EA, Rose SL, et. al. Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis in Combination with Digital Mammography. JAMA 2014;311(24):2499-2507.
² Kalra V et al. “Cost-Effectiveness of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.” (paper presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Chicago, Il, November 2012).
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