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drawMD Breast Health
How do you currently communicate breast health conditions and procedures with your patients?
We teamed up with Visible Health to bring you drawMD Breast Health – a simple iPad app that enables you to visually communicate breast anatomy, conditions and interventional breast procedures with your patients. Help enhance the patient experience and improve their understanding, retention and quality of care.

The drawMD platform allows you to easily annotate any condition or procedure on your own images or on backgrounds provided, which can be shared with your patient via email. In addition to the nine backgrounds and ninety interactive stamp images drawMD Breast Health also contains a resource center with additional patient education materials provided by Hologic.
Start communicating with your patients in
a new way.

Learn more about Hologic's patient-focused interventional breast solutions.
Promise to Me
A commitment to women
At Hologic, it is our mission and obligation to do the best we can for women's healthcare. Learn more about our global women's health initiative, Promise To Me.

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