Horizon DXA System


Hologic, the pioneer in X-ray based bone densitometry, takes advanced health assessment to the next level with the Horizon DXA system — an innovative solution designed to deliver higher quality images, maximize patient throughput, reduce reporting time, and improve overall patient management.

This multi-faceted system is the only one designed to assess three significant health concerns: osteoporosis, obesity, and cardiovascular risk.

Visit Hologic at RSNA booth #4111 to see the latest innovations in skeletal health and learn more about how Horizon can benefit your patients and practice.


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Incomplete Atypical Femur Fracture


Atypical Femur Fracture Exclusive to Horizon:
Atypical femur fracture (AFF) assessment, a technique to assess a serious side effect of common osteoporosis treatments.


Body Composition Assessment


Body Composition

Advanced Body Composition® assessment provides highly accurate quantitative and visual assessment of fat, lean and bone mass for the management of obesity, metabolic conditions, human performance and other musculoskeletal conditions.



To learn more about the atypical femur fracture and Advanced Body Composition assessments, visit the Horizon website.


Incomplete Atypical Femur Fracture imaged with a Hologic densitometer, courtesy of Prof. Cheung, University of Toronto.

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