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Pink Ribbon Facility
Community Outreach Through Social Media

Social media marketing is an excellent, low cost way of promoting your website or facility through the Internet. It can act as a great marketing strategy to gain attention and drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately your facility. Social media marketing programs should contain content that attracts attention, generates online conversations and encourages readers to share the information with their friends. Social media is driven by individuals, your message can spread quickly from one person to another, and will probably resonate since it is coming from someone they know and trust.

Social media is has opened doors for facilities to increase both their patient base and "brand" awareness within the community and beyond. Additionally, social media is a relatively inexpensive way for facilities to include in their existing marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing
bullet Helps increase your website traffic
bullet Increases your "brand" awareness
bullet Provides a broader patient reach
bullet Costs little or nothing to implement
Examples of Social Media Sites
Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube
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