New Graphical Software Aids Obesity Management
With the introduction of Advanced Body Composition (ABC) assessment in its Horizon DXA system, Hologic is taking a step forward to aid in the diagnosis of obesity. This assessment software tool visually displays body composition data from DXA scans, providing easy-to-read, graphical reports identifying a patient's percentage of fat and lean muscle mass. It also measures and identifies visceral fat, which can be used to help predict the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

In addition to quantitative assessment, with Advanced Body Composition assessment, you can visually see the results of the scan immediately, enabling you to quickly assess the state of a patient’s health and implement effective weight loss strategies.
Patients can also see their progress
Advanced Body Composition assessment provides a unique Rate-of-Change report to help monitor patients’ progress over time. You can visually show patients the impact of nutrition and exercise programs and as necessary, adjust strategies to reduce muscle loss or increase fat loss.

Used in conjunction with weight management programs, DXA scans and the Advanced Body Composition assessment tool included with the Hologic Horizon system can help patients achieve a healthier lifestyle and be more successful in reaching their long-term weight loss goals.
To learn more about the Advanced Body Composition assessment and the Horizon DXA system, visit the Hologic website,