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Dear Hologic Women’s Health team,

You know about the major media that have covered 3D mammography, but did you know over 6,000 local TV, newspaper and print stories have covered the technology in the last 4 months? Not 100 stories, not 500 stories, not 1,000 stories…over 6,000. This is news you might want to share with existing and potential 3D customers.

Below is one example - a pretty neat graphic in a 4 page story that ran in the December 3rd issue of the Boston Globe.

Mammograms in 3D - The Boston Globe

Since October Hologic 3D mammography technology has been covered in half page or longer stories in major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post.

National Public Radio did a 30 minute show on the technology.

The Atlantic
, is running a 500 word story, “Here they come: 3-D Mammograms,” on their website.

3D was covered as news by CBS, ABS, NBC, FOX, and CNBC affiliates.

In October, November and December, over 4,200 local stories ran on 3D mammography. We’ve compiled a list by city and state for you to prove it. For all the print stories we’ve even included a hyperlink so you can read the story as it ran.

Here’s a breakdown of stories by state:

AK 12 GA 113 MD 29 NH 16 SC 49
AL 71 HI 10 ME 3 NJ 24 SD 49
AR 64 IA 69 MI 60 NM 25 TN 46
AZ 47 ID 18 MN 136 NV 15 TX 179
CA 229 IL 211 MO 136 NY 163 UT 38
CO 56 IN 88 MS 43 OH 93 VA 33
CT 28 KS 55 MT 23 OK 80 VT 21
D.C. 23 KY 47 NC 122 OR 65 WA 70
DE 14 LA 74 ND 6 PA 69 WI 147
FL 58 MA 60 NE 59 RI 19 WV 51
WY 29
This year has started out very strong as well.

To date, our press release on the Oslo Tomosynthesis Screening Trial (OTST) have been picked up by 1,831 U.S. news media. Attached is a PDF with  links to some of the stories.

Gannett Company, the largest U.S. newspaper publisher as measured by total daily circulation, has posted a video on their USA Today and other TV and newspaper websites titled  “Getting a mammogram? Ask for both 2D and 3D screenings.” The video focuses on the Oslo results and includes an interview with Dr. Greer of John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix – one of our first U.S. 3D mammography sites. You can watch it here.

When the daytime medical show, The Doctors, went in search of the most handsome doctors in America to create a calendar of 12 months of health tips, they selected Dr. Jeff Masi as “Dr. May.” Dr. Masi demonstrated how 3D mammography allows doctors to scroll through multiple images of the breast, helping identify cancer not visible on the 2D mammogram image. The greater detail in the 3D images also allowed him to confidently dismiss what looks like cancer on other 2D mammogram as nothing of concern. “Ladies, you have to listen up to this because this going to help save lives,” Dr. Lisa Masterson, one of the shows co-hosts, told the live studio audience after Dr. Masi’s explanation of the technology. View the full segment.

One way to keep up to speed on stories on 3D mammography is to check regularly on our patient facing web site –

The Hologic Tomo Team is ready to help your customers get the publicity they need. We have new background video (b-roll) and other materials available. If you need help, send a note to The Team monitors that email mailbox and will respond quickly.

We encourage you to share this information and the attached lists with existing and potential customers. We think they’ll be impressed.

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