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FDA Indication for MyoSure
The MyoSure® system sees continued success with its newest indication for retained products of conception (RPOC)

Retained products of conception (RPOC) is non-viable pregnancy tissue that has not passed due to:
- Failed expectant management.
- Post treatment of miscarriage.
- Term delivery.
Traditional D&C is the most common treatment for RPOC,
but the data shows:
- Increased risk of perforation, infection and bleeding.1
- 19% incidence of adhesion formation after D&C.2
- Up to 32% incidence of adhesion formation after multiple D&C procedures.2
21% of women with RPOC also have uterine abnormalities that would benefit from hysteroscopic removal.3

The MyoSure system is a solution for the removal of RPOC:
- Remove only the targeted tissue.
- Reduced risk of damage to healthy tissue.
- Direct visualization for confirmation of removal.
Identify additional undiagnosed uterine abnormalities for removal




Dr. Robert Zurawin’s paper,

  A Novel Technique for Resection of Retained Products of Conception using a Hysteroscopic Morcellation Device
  featuring the MyoSure device, was awarded Best Scientific
Paper- Gynecology at the
2015 SLS Annual Meeting.


Watch Dr. Zurawin perform
the procedure.


  Visit us at
Minimally Invasive Surgery Week 2015
SLS Annual Meeting &
Endo Expo
New York, New York, USA

September 2-5, 2015

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