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... personally embrace Hologic’s operating principles and expect the same from fellow associates.
... show respect to all team Members. Bullying, management by fear or intimidation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
... accept that I have been empowered to make change, think creatively and improve organizational efficiency.
... not accept the statement “because we’ve always done it this way” – when the old way is inefficient and makes no sense.
... be an agent of change and recruit other associates to join in breaking down barriers.
... remember everyone has something to contribute. The best ideas don’t necessarily come from the top down.
... work to my maximum potential and expect to be rewarded fairly for my contribution.
... not tolerate complacency from myself, or my Teammates.
... rely less on emails and more on personal contact with associates to promote a healthier exchange of ideas.
... schedule fewer meetings and those that are necessary will not require an amphitheater to hold all attendees.
... not just point out problems. I will find solutions.
... commit my energies to the Company and expect the Company will make a commitment to me.
... take chances and keep mistakes to “small” ones. Better to have tried something daring and innovative then failed utilizing processes that are ineffective.
... not hire outside advisors to validate what I, and my teammates should already know. Nothing takes the place of first hand research.
... get to know associates in other divisions with similar responsibilities. Knowledge is Power.
... think and act, like an entrepreneur, and treat every dollar I spend as if it was my own.
I will never forget that what I do everyday contributes to saving lives.
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