Insight Driven Innovation

1. What is the EPIC/Insight Driven Innovation Product Development Process?
Insight Driven Innovation is a new product development process that aims to improve the collaboration and accountability needed to build a robust Breast and Skeletal Health (B&SH) product pipeline. Behind the scenes a core group of your peers, called EPIC Ambassadors and representing most every function, have been transforming how functions such as R&D, Marketing, and Sales collaborate seamlessly to design and deliver breakthrough products that are on time, ready and reliable.

2. Why Is the EPIC/Insight Driven Innovation Process Important to All of Us?

The Insight Driven Innovation product development process is a cornerstone of the B&SH 1-5-8 strategy and will fuel our division’s growth by providing innovative technologies to the patients and medical professionals we serve.
Every employee benefits when Hologic delivers breakthrough technologies and patients around the world benefit from the innovative, life- saving products our company provides.

3. Who Will Be Involved in the Roll Out of this New Process?

Over the next few months all managers and employees with product/project responsibilities will be trained on this new process. This training will be modular, on demand and supported by tools to ensure everyone involved has access to the information they need to be successful.
We will also continue to bring this part of the
1-5-8 strategy to life by providing regular communications including a ‘free lunch’ promotion where all B&SH employees can get engaged in driving innovation at the core.

EPIC Ambassadors

Thank you for what you do every day to build a
culture of high performance that delivers results!