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Hologic, Inc.

The Eviva breast biopsy device has been designed with patient comfort in mind.

Quiet firing combined with the speed, control, and consistency you demand

The Eviva® breast biopsy device is quickly becoming the device of choice for physicians performing stereotactic-guided breast biopsies, offering:

Remote Firing: for less startled reactions during rapid advancement into the breast
Speed: An average total tissue acquisition time of less than 30 seconds
Control: A tactile thumb wheel provides direct control of sampling location
Consistency:  Saline lavage and constant aspiration consistently acquires high-quality cores
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The wait is over.
It’s been over 30 years since the last major breakthrough in breast imaging – the wait is over. The power and promise of Selenia® Dimensions® breast tomosynthesis is here exclusively from Hologic.
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More Choice. More Comfort. More Access.
With the new maximum comfort package for the MultiCare® Platinum stereotactic breast biopsy system, you will have the flexibility to customize the positioning and lesion access for every patient. A collection of ergonomically engineered cushions give you maximum flexibility and your patient’s maximum comfort.
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Bring upright biopsy into the breast imaging suite with the Affirm breast biopsy guidance system and the Eviva biopsy device.
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