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Hologic, Inc.

Undergoing a breast biopsy is an overwhelming experience for most women. That is why Hologic is completely committed to making minimally invasive biopsy the standard of care for women everywhere.

Quick and compassionate biopsy solutions for every patient

CeleroWith the Celero breast biopsy device you can expect high quality cores with fewer insertions, meaning less passes than traditional spring-loaded core devices.

Hologic has created a platform of biopsy technologies for all your image-guidance needs (MR, stereotactic, ultrasound, and molecular).

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SecurMark® for Celero & SecurMark Ultrasound are the perfect biopsy site markers for ultrasound. With our suture-like material it is easily visualized under ultrasound and comes in multiple permanent shapes.
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The Aixplorer® ultrasound system offers fundamental improvements over traditional ultrasound imaging with features that enhance conspicuity, increase lateral and contrast resolution and provide better delineation of structures.
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Help patients get back to their normal lives sooner with MammoSite® ML targeted radiation therapy, an advanced treatment choice for women with early stage breast cancer beyond mastectomy and whole breast radiation.
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