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The ATEC® breast biopsy device from Hologic is the original "one minute breast biopsy" device. This innovative technology set a new industry standard for compassionate minimally invasive breast biopsy.

ATECGiving you the tools to treat a broad spectrum of patients

The ATEC family of products enables you to address a wide range of patient clinical presentations. Various needle solutions helps ensure care for every woman, including women with thin breasts, dense breasts, implants, hard to reach lesions, and multiple lesions.


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The Aixplorer® is a next generation ultrasound breast imaging system providing impeccable image quality, ShearWave Elastography and a cutting edge ergonomic design.
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A complete solution for breast MRI - Sentinelle breast coils with ATEC® intervention and Aegis targeting software.
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There are millions of women worldwide who can’t access or afford the most basic care. We need to change that. We’re starting with Promise to Me.
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