Travel Experience Updates
Consolidated Phone Number  

For all your travel booking related services.
Replaces all existing travel office contact numbers including 508-263-8450, the American Express afterhours number and the Concur Travel online support number.
In an effort to realize greater efficiencies with the Hologic Travel Office, we will be changing our telephone service to a toll-free number effective June 22nd. With this one number you will be able to reach the Hologic Travel office during business hours, the American Express Emergency Afterhours service during non-business hours for emergency travel needs, and the Concur Travel online booking tool support desk.
Travel Reminders
  With the merger of US Airways with American Airlines, any existing US Airways frequent flyer numbers should be removed from your Concur travel profiles as they will be invalid going forward.
  Please remember to update your profiles with the correct expiration date when you receive your updated corporate credit cards.
  An email highlighting the revised T & E policy was sent out recently. All employees are required to familiarize themselves with the policy; however, it is NOT necessary for existing employees to sign or acknowledge that this has been done.