On-line Booking  
Remember to book your travel arrangements — airline, hotel and car rental­ — using the Concur On-line Booking Tool.
Preferred Hotel Program
The Travel Group is excited to announce a new and improved Preferred Hotel Program which provides substantial discounts for business travel. Over the last few months we have been negotiating with key hotels around the world to create a comprehensive list targeting our preferred travel spots.

  These rates have been loaded and are now available to all Hologic employees based on availability.
  Additional benefits, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast, and/or parking, will be included in many of our preferred hotel rates.
Use of preferred hotels will greatly impact our negotiation in coming years and we therefore require using a preferred hotel whenever possible.

The Travel Policy currently sets the hotel cap at $250 USD. As we are aware of the rising costs of hotels in many major cities, such as Boston, New York and San Diego, we have negotiated some hotels that will be above this cap. It is acceptable to utilize these preferred hotels when possible even though they are above this guideline.

You can view the hotel list on My Hologic under Travel > Hotel and Rental Cars. These hotels are currently available through the Concur On-line Booking Tool and our Travel Desk as well.
Preferred Vendors
We negotiate with our key vendors in order to provide the best service and price discounts available.
  This serves as a significant aspect of our battle to keep travel costs down.
  100% compliance enables us to realize even further discounts in the future.
  Use of preferred vendors—in tandem with our requirement that all travel be booked through the Concur On-line Booking Tool or the Travel Desk—ensures that we can track our travelers’ whereabouts in case of an emergency.