TIME magazine places 3D mammography first in its list of "Remarkable Health Advances of 2014."
    3D Mammography is proven to be effective
Multiple studies in 2014 showed 3-D mammography to be a highly accurate screening tool for detecting breast cancer with fewer false positive results. It’s not widely available yet, but the growing evidence suggests we’ll see more adoption in 2015. Hologic, one of two U.S. companies selling 3-D mammography machines, told TIME there’s growing interest, with at least one of their machines in all 50 states.

The 3D story was listed first in a list of eleven stories that included the impact of Obamacare, the death with dignity laws, Ebola vaccine, changes in nutrition labeling laws, and CVS stopping the sale of cigarettes.

We expect the story will be covered in a print edition of TIME as well.

The editors of TIME have written extensively about 3D mammography this year starting with the TIME coverage results of the JAMA study on the benefits of 3D. Here’s a list:
    TIME. June 24. High-Tech 3D Mammograms Probably Saved This Woman’s Life
    TIME. October 28. This Mammogram Saves Lives and Money
    TIME. December 2. 3D Mammograms Are Better For Dense Breasts
    TIME. December 22. 3D Mammography Is Proven To Be Effective

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