The Hologic Travel Experience
As a part of our strategy to improve the Travel Department through greater cost efficiencies while enhancing the Hologic employee’s overall travel experience, we are excited to introduce the Hologic New Travel Experience program.

In 2014, Hologic incurred XXX million dollars in travel including airline, hotel and car rentals.  As this is a significant expenditure, we have decided to aggressively explore and incorporate critical cost savings measures.   In tandem with this initiative is the company’s responsibility to ensure our employees safety and well-being while traveling for Hologic on business.  To that end we have spent many months reviewing our processes and interacting with various departments to identify and implement key initiatives to accomplish these dual objectives.  Over the course of 2015 we will be rolling out exciting programs to better serve the Hologic employee and save money.
    For our company, this new program will allow us to:
    Drive travel and expense policy compliance
    Realize cost savings
    Leverage our buying power with our vendors
    For our employees, the new program will:
    Provide technology to make travel easier
    Provide increased automation for making travel arrangements
    Create a better travel and expense process for employees

The creation of the New Travel Experience is an important step in meeting our corporate objectives. I am very excited about our new program and ask each of you to support this initiative. We also value your input and encourage you to be in contact with us by emailing HologicTravel@Hologic.com.

Bob McMahon