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GSS “Dash for Cash”  
Q1 Fast Start Contest

TM, DSM, and RBD with the highest combined growth on Novasure & Myosure

  > First place wins $25,000!!!  
  Top 10 Reps win over $140,000
Over 75 Winners with over $300,000 in Prize Money to be WON!!!

“Objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” - Newton

Team GSS,

As we look to close one of the most successful years in recent history — there's really only one thing on our mind - how do we repeat our performance in FY16 and continue to build our Dynasty?

You all have proven Newton's law is just as important in sales as it is in physics, and have created your own powerful momentum leading into FY16.

In the spirit of continued momentum... we are thrilled to announce a contest unlike anything we've ever done. In Q1 we are getting aggressive with a Fast Start contest to inspire you to get out of the gates quickly and capitalize on the momentum that will drive success throughout the year.

A focus on growing your NovaSure and MyoSure/Aquilex business will allow you to earn serious cash while also fundamentally setting up your business for a successful FY16

Stay tuned for more details, and prepare to "Dash for Cash!"



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