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The Power of Cytology and Molecular Diagnostics Combined
Now working as one company, Hologic and Gen-Probe have brought together the world of cytology and molecular diagnostics. We revolutionized cervical screening with the ThinPrep Pap test. Today we are the only company to offer a complete solution for cervical screening, which includes Pap and HPV testing.

Our Aptima HPV and Cervista HPV tests target the oncogenes E6 and E7, the genes responsible for cervical disease progression. Both HPV test solutions from Hologic help to identify the 14 most prevalent high-risk HPV types and run on fully-automated platforms to deliver proven clinical performance.

The Aptima HPV test detects mRNA from the E6/E7 oncogenes identifying high-risk HPV infections.1 The Aptima test has also shown:

  Excellent sensitivity – demonstrating equivalent sensitivity to DNA based HPV tests in multiple clinical studies involving over 50,000 women worldwide2
  Improved specificity to DNA based HPV tests – reducing false positives by 24% in the clinical trial3-15
The combination of the Aptima HPV test's sensitivity and specificity may help identify women at risk and may minimize the potential for over-treatment.

Learn more about Hologic’s complete cervical screening solutions at the Hologic stand, #23 or contact us at info@hologic.com.

Hologic Satellite Symposium
The Past, Present and Future of Cervical Screening

November 3, 2013


Learn more about the role of cervical cancer screening and HPV testing in today’s healthcare environment.

The Aptima HPV Test  |  The Cervista HPV Test  |  The ThinPrep Pap Test
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