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A sister. A daughter. A mother. A wife. Cancer does not care when or whom it strikes and it’s remarkably adept at hiding — so early detection is vital.

Mammography has been transformed by a new technology, breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography) – the most exciting advancement in breast cancer detection in over 30 years.

A Powerful, Versatile Screening Tool
The majority of clinical studies show a significant benefit of using Hologic’s 3D mammography in screening; and, all patients, regardless of dense or fatty breasts, are found to benefit from tomosynthesis.1-2 By adding 3D mammography to the 2D exam, more invasive cancers are being found than with 2D imaging alone. A recent large-scale clinical study, showed a 40% increase in detection of invasive cancers.1 In addition, multiple sites report a 20-40% decrease in unnecessary call-backs compared with 2D mammography alone which may reduce patient anxieties.3-4

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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis – Part 1: Where We Are and Where We Heading Presented by: Liane Philpotts, MD, and Melissa Durand, MD, Yale School of Medicine
Learn about breast tomosynthesis, its benefits to patients, supporting clinical publications, and see image case reviews

Understanding Breast Cancer: Early Detection and Screening with 3D Mammography
Presented by: Stephen Rose, MD, Houston Breast Imaging
Learn about the basic technology related to 3D mammography, the clinical indications for its use, and the advantages of 3D plus 2D vs. 2D alone.

Breast tomosynthesis images

Greater accuracy and proven superiority to 2D alone.1, 5
Fewer unnecessary call-backs which may reduce anxieties.3
Potential to reduce unnecessary biopsies.
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