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Join us to see how our
ground-breaking technologies are transforming early detection.
  Selenia Dimensions 3D (breast tomosynthesis) system, clinically proven to increase detection and decrease recalls*, featuring C-View software to enable a lower-dose option
  Affirm biopsy guidance system with the Eviva biopsy system – powering an innovative tomosynthesis biopsy option.
  Horizon DXA system, expanding the boundaries of healthcare with a single platform for osteoporosis, obesity and visualization of abdominal aortic calcifications now featuring atypical femur fracture (AFF) assessment technology.

The power to improve lives. This is why we're here.
This is what we are here for   This is what we are here for
symposiums / workshops
  Be sure to attend our tomosynthesis symposium and hands-on workshops.  
  Breast Tomosynthesis: Evolution and Adoption across Europe
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  Breast Biopsy Guided by Tomosynthesis: Clinical Experience and Practical Demonstration Hands-on Workshop
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  Hologic Breast Tomosynthesis Imaging with C-View Software Hands-on Workshop
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*Data on file with Hologic, Inc.

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