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Drive It Like You OWN IT

Rev Up Your Engines! 

Congratulations, Team GSS!

We are seeing some fantastic results with the “Drive It!” contest, which is why I'm thrilled to announce that we are going to Rev It Up even more with an exciting customer promotion that will allow you to earn DOUBLE contest points!!!

That's right! This new offering will provide your customers with the latest in NovaSure technology, while also offering you the ability to earn DOUBLE contest points.

You can now sell the RFC10 for $9,995 with NO additional approvals through the end of the contest (end of Q4). You have the option of either a capital sale or a rent-to-own. The rent-to-own can be monthly ($416/mo), which works out to be $9,996.

When you include a revenue RFC as part of the MSO/BSO contest contracts, you will receive 50 contest points (25 for the RFC, and 25 for the contract).

To expedite your requests, there is a self-serve order form located on the HUB: Surgical Contracting Tool > DITOI Promo Forms > Rent To Own Promo.

Now is the time for you to step on the gas and OWN IT!



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