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Drive It Like You OWN IT

Start your engines!!! 
The Q3/Q4 “Drive it like you OWN IT” contest is here!

Here is what you Auto-know:

Objective – Insulate and grow NovaSure!
Contest will be stack ranked based on a point system.
The winner of a 12 month luxury auto lease will be announced at the NSM in October.

Below are the 3 ways that you can earn points:

1 Insulate and grow your NS revenue based on growth over your Q3/Q4 quota! When insulating your business… every dollar counts! You earn 3 points for every percentage point over your combined Q3 and Q4 NovaSure quota, capped at 130%. (e.g. 105% NS PTQ = 15 points)  
2 Capital revenue generation: You will be rewarded with points for placing revenue capital. As we know capital strengthens partnerships and insulates business! You earn 25 points for each RFC-9 or RFC-10 you sell into an account  
3 MSO/BSO contract placements: You will earn points for each contract placement. Contracts will be inclusive of an 80% compliance and 2 year term; which as we know will create barriers for our competition! You earn 25 points for each qualified contract you execute with an account

  The points calculator and your NS Q3/Q4 quota starting point information are located
on the HUB:
NovaSure > Competition > Drive It Like You Own It – Points Calculator and NovaSure > Competition > NS Q3/Q4 Quota Starting Point > MSO/BSO Contract templates

We continue to stay on track as we head into the final laps of our Championship year! Thank you for your hard work, dedication, passion and DRIVE. I appreciate all that you do every day to improve our business. Let's keep the momentum going and run the competition off the road!

See you at the finish line!


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