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Well Received Webinars

Complementary Nature of HPV and Pap Testing

Dr. Gibb's webinar on the "Complementary Nature of HPV and Pap Testing" provided some great information on the clinical benefits of using Pap and HPV. The recorded webinar is now up and can be viewed at any time for your offices that would like to review. To watch the recorded webinar:

The next cervical cancer screening webinar will be held by Dr. Strafford and will be on "Improving Cervical Cytology Collection Techniques to Improve Test Accuracy" on April 6th. Don't forget to keep encouraging sign-ups for this and the entire webinar series. To help you promote this series we've developed a card and email specifically for this event. (Click to view Dr. Strafford card) (Click to view Dr. Strafford email)


Cervista HPV Flipbook Released

Cervista FlipbookNeed a refresher on talking about the benefits of Cervista versus the features? Struggling with how to respond to a clinician who doesn't want to add HPV testing in women 30 and over because they don't want to extend intervals? Well look no further. The long awaited Cervista HPV resistance flipbook is being released this March. Thumb through this tool to review the main Cervista HPV resistances and learn how to affectively address them in your next call.

Some tools truly take a village to create and the Cervista HPV resistance flipbook was no exception. A huge thank you goes out to Katie Klinkenberg, Denise Hixon, Casey Hamel, Shannon Farris, DSSIII's and Field Trainers. Your work has made this tool possible!

Be on the lookout towards the middle of the month for your very own copy of this tool.

» View Cervista resistance flipbook


Parcel Pickup

Parcel PickupThis month you will be receiving three shipments that we would like to draw your attention too. First, you will be receiving one Hologic Corporate CD that contains a corporate presentation and videos about Hologic and our mission. Please feel free to utilize these as you see fit. Keep in mind you can use the PowerPoint presentation to take select slides that you feel are appropriate for any events you may have.
» View corporate presentation

Second, you will be receiving a CAP reprint in a plastic sleeve. This is for your cervical cancer screening clinical compilation binders. The CAP reprint was omitted from the updates you received last month.

Lastly, as mentioned in the above article, you will be receiving a shipment that contains your Cervista HPV resistance flipbook. divider

Meet the Force

Justin BurnsJustin Burns
AE - Northeast

When did you start with Hologic? July 9th, 2007

Little known fact? I went to cooking school for a year right after high school.

Hardest part about your job? Lazy doctors that care more about their own convenience than their patient's health. Also, 90 degree heat with no AC in my car.

Most embarrassing moment with Hologic? After a co-travel dinner program with my manager and ROM. The dome light in my car fell out of the ceiling and landed in my managers lap. The look he gave me was priceless as he asked when I was getting a new car. I am still driving the car and it just went over 219,000 miles.

If you could be any superhero and have super powers, which one would you like to have and why? I think Superman is an obvious choice here because he can basically do anything, but Godzilla is a close second.

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, what's your favorite green item? The supersized Shamrock shake at McDonalds is outstanding. It is a bucket of excellence.

What's your favorite quote? "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it".

ISSUE 23 — MARCH 2011

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Confessions of a DSS:

Straight from the Customer

"I am so happy with ThinPrep. We are detecting increased amounts of atypical cells, our patients are benefiting tremendously from this transition!" – Lab Manager at Garden City Plaza Women's Health Center. There can be no better complement than hearing directly from the customer on how your product benefits patients. Read on to learn how Tina Scarantino made sure 14,000 women are getting ThinPrep Pap tests.

I have been working on an account for about 5 months now — Garden City Plaza that consists of a network of about 28 providers that all currently do SurePath under Quest.

Previously, I have tried to work with Quest to present the benefits of ThinPrep to these accounts with no success. During our discussions with them we had discussed things such as FDA approvals, disease detection, process technologies, glandular disease detection, etc.

They were thinking about opening their own cytology department within their laboratory and had been working with Loretta and Paul. I went in with the team to discuss Cervista HPV as well. Although this account has decided that on a financial status they will not be able to bring cytology to their lab, they have decided that the benefits of ThinPrep outweigh SurePath and have decided to convert their network of physicians to ThinPrep.

That's 14,000 more women a year that will be getting the best liquid based test in less than one month.

Tina – this is amazing! It's so nice to know what a value ThinPrep has brought to this laboratory and more importantly the patients. Keep up the great work!

In the News
Female Patient talks about Cervista HPV HR and 16/18

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