Between my wife, my two amazing daughters, my mother and my mother-in-law, women surround and inspire me with their strength every day. Despite the defining role women play in each of our lives, we have a long way to go in ensuring that women’s health is given the consideration it deserves. As a company focused on women’s healthcare, it is not only our mission to bridge this gap, but our responsibility; and as President of GYN Surgical Solutions – but also as a father, husband and son – I take that responsibility seriously.

One of Hologic’s goals is to change the conversation around uterine health to help women understand their treatment options and take action. This July, we recognized Fibroid Awareness Month, a time to give a voice to the millions of women who suffer from fibroids in silence. Uterine fibroids will affect up to 80% of women by the time they are 50 years old and can cause debilitating symptoms that disrupt daily life.1,2 Despite their prevalence, fibroids remain a taboo topic. As a result, many women are unaware of their treatment options, and some assume a hysterectomy is the only viable solution.3 By eliminating these misconceptions through increased awareness, we can empower women to speak up and start the conversation with their doctors. Fibroid Awareness Month may be over, but we are just getting started.

Hologic sponsors Change the Cycle, an online community where women can become educated, share stories, and take control of their uterine health. In July, Change the Cycle launched a national #WhyIWearWhite social media campaign to spark a movement for increased awareness of fibroids. White is a color often avoided by women who fear accidents resulting from heavy bleeding, a symptom of fibroids.2 The #WhyIWearWhite movement gives power back to these women and transforms the color white into an emblem of strength and empowerment. Whether you experience fibroids personally or have friends or family members who are affected, you have the power to put fibroids on notice. Want to join the movement? Share #WhyIWearWhite on social media and tell us why YOU wear white.

At Hologic, we are deeply committed to empowering women to take control over their personal health and wellbeing, and for us this means not only providing solutions, but also equipping women with the information they need to be their own advocates. I am proud that Hologic provides treatment options for the millions of women who suffer from fibroids, and can provide a platform for women to speak up and empower themselves in the fight against this debilitating health issue. To learn more, visit

This is #WhyIWearWhite

Change the Cycle
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