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The C-View software option for Selenia Dimensions tomosynthesis systems streamlines 3D (breast tomosynthesis) exams by using 3D data to generate 2D images, thus eliminating the 2D exposure. A 3D exam with C-View software offers a number of advantages including:

Improved Patient Care

  A patient dose similar to a 2D only exam.1
  With a faster scan time - less than 4 seconds per view – there is less compression time for patient,2 improving patient comfort and lowering risk of movement.
Improved Outcomes

  Superior clinical performance compared to 2D alone.1
  Increased diagnostic accuracy and reduced false-positive recall rates compared to 2D alone.1
The addition of the C-View software adds to the growing portfolio of Hologic 3D mammography options, each designed for improved performance and optimal workflow. With no additional add-ons, the software offers a simple user interface allowing you to easily add 3D procedures as needed.

Hologic 3D provides a superior mammogram.3
Hologic 3D screening finds invasive cancer 40% earlier than 2D alone4-6while also reducing false-positive recalls by up to 40%.6-7

The Affirm tomosynthesis biopsy procedure targets areas only found with 3D imaging while also offering faster procedures and lower dose compared to stereotactic biopsy.

Eviva breast biopsy device for minimally invasive breast biopsy.

Trident Specimen Radiography system allows rapid verification of your core biopsy samples.

3D Mammography Resources:
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  ACR coding guidance for performance of breast tomosynthesis studies using C-View software

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1 FDA PMA submission P080003/S001
2  Compared to combo mode (tomosynthesis + digital mammography)
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