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What’s their excuse?

There are many reasons why a woman may be avoiding or delaying her mammogram – she forgets to make the appointment, she doesn’t have insurance, hospitals make her nervous, she's afraid that it will hurt or to hear the results.

There’s no better time than October to help your patients stop making excuses and start taking care of their breast health. Early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer is the key to improving clinical outcomes, so help us spread the word among your patients about the importance of getting their annual mammogram.

Help Your Patients Learn About 3D Mammography too!

It’s the biggest breakthrough in mammography in almost 30 years.

3D breast tomosynthesis is an exciting advancement in breast cancer screening shown in clinical studies to be more accurate than conventional 2D mammography. It shows breast tissue in one millimeter slices, helping you dismiss falsely suspicious areas and find breast cancer earlier.1, 2 Your patients can learn more by visiting hologic3d.com.

Encourage your patients to schedule their annual mammograms because early detection is still the best protection and there’s no excuse for that.

Demonstrate your commitment to your patients’ breast health and promote breast cancer screening by ordering free posters, pamphlets and handouts at promisetome.com.
Promise To Me

We’re committed to breast health and to you

Hologic is committed to helping you find and treat breast cancer at the earliest stage possible with a complete line of breast health solutions.

If something suspicious is found on your patient’s mammogram, Hologic's family of breast biopsy solutions give you the flexibility and precision you need, while helping ensure maximum patient comfort. Hologic is here for you and your patients from imaging to intervention to treatment.

Learn more at hologic.com

1 A 3D mammogram may be used as a screening tool in conjunction with a traditional mammogram, or may be used by itself for a diagnostic mammogram.
2 Data on file.

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