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What’s your excuse?

There’s no better time than Breast Cancer Awareness Month to stop putting off your annual mammogram or encourage the women in your life to get theirs.

There are many reasons why a woman may be avoiding or delaying her mammogram – she forgets to make the appointment, she doesn’t have insurance, hospitals make her nervous, she’s afraid that it will hurt or to hear the results.

No more excuses! As a Hologic employee, you're in an ideal position to spread the word about early detection and how our Selenia Dimensions system and 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis) technology are transforming breast cancer screening.

3D mammography is an exciting advancement in breast cancer screening shown in clinical studies to be better than conventional 2D mammography. It shows breast tissue in thin layers, helping doctors dismiss falsely suspicious areas and find breast cancer earlier.1, 2 It’s providing greater peace of mind to women who opt for this innovative and exciting advancement in breast cancer screening.

So ask your doctor for a 3D mammogram. And encourage your friends to do the same. Because early detection is still your best protection and there’s no excuse for that.

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At Hologic, it is our mission and obligation to do the best we can for women's healthcare. Learn more about our global women's health initiative, Promise To Me.

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  • 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime.3
  • When detected early, the chances of beating breast cancer is nearly 100%.3

Getting an annual mammogram beginning at age 40 is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself against breast cancer.

Find your voice, know your options.
If your doctor recommends a breast biopsy, be sure to speak up, ask questions and know your options. Learn more here.


1 A 3D mammogram may be used as a screening tool in conjunction with a traditional mammogram, or may be used by itself for a diagnostic mammogram.
2 Data on file.
3 American Cancer Society

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