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Aptima and Panther. Extraordinary STI testing combined with leading workflow automation.
The Panther system is a world-class molecular testing solution that delivers performance and quality with high-throughput efficiency. Panther also offers unprecedented control over workflow, including random access and continuous sample, reagents and consumables loading.

Our Aptima assays range from chlamydia and gonorrhoea to trichomonas and HPV and that's just the beginning.Tomcat. Panther.

We're building on our history of innovation in virology by expanding the Panther system menu to include HIV, HCV and HBV*.

It's just another way we continue to help you deliver critical answers with exceptional precision and speed.
Visit Hologic on Stand 15 and provide your details to be entered into a prize draw.
While you are there, learn more about our soon to be launched Tomcat system**, a general purpose instrument for sample handling.
* The HIV, HCV, and HBV assays are currently in development for the Panther system.
** The Tomcat system is in development.

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