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Cancer Has the Most Devastating Economic Impact of Any Cause of Death Worldwide

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In the News

FDA Sets Panel Date to Review Hologic Breast Tomosynthesis System*

Hologic's Selenia Dimensions system is scheduled to be reviewed by the Radiological Devices Panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on September 24, 2010, as part of the Company's pre-market approval application.

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Hologic Acquires Sentinelle Medical

In August Hologic finalized the acquisition of Sentinelle Medical, a leading provider of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) breast coils, tables and visualization software.

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Surgeon Sees Reduced Hematoma Rate Using the ATEC Breast Biopsy and Excision System

Linda Han, M.D., a U.S.-based surgeon, says she sees a dramatic decrease in hematoma formation with the Hologic ATEC system.

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New Techologies

Quantra Volumetric Breast Density Assessment Tool Is Accurate, Easy to Use, and Reproducible

Consistent assessment of breast composition has long been hampered by widely differing technical factors and reviewer's subjectivity. With Quantra software, radiologists can view the volumetric breast density percentages with a single click on their workstation.

Download a summary of studies on Quantra volumetric breast density assessment software.

SecurXchange Router Streamlines Digital Mammography Workflow

The Hologic SecurXchange router significantly improves transmission bottlenecks by compressing the original data at the source and decompressing it at the destination. The router is also highly configurable for pre-fetching and routing of prior images.

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SecurXchange Archive — a Scalable Image Archiving Solution

The Hologic SecurXchange archive provides an efficient approach to handling the archiving requirements of digital mammography practices that do not have access to a PACS and/or need a local archiving solution. The archive will also store and retrieve physician annotations and CAD markings.

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About Hologic

Our Goal Is to Be the #1 Provider of Women's Healthcare Systems — Worldwide

Hologic is the leader in nine areas of women's health that matter most, including cervical screening, prenatal testing, breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and osteoporosis assessment. We offer clinicians the tools they need to spot cancer or osteoporosis while they can still do something about it. And treat the whole woman at every stage of her life, not just the disease.

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Hologic Product Catalog Now Available

Want to know more about what we make? The most complete source of information for Hologic's women's health products, the Hologic 2010 Product Catalog, is now available.

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What's New

ACR Center for Excellence Advocates Care by Combining Comfort and Leading Technologies

The University of Kansas Breast Imaging Center
Kansas City, Kansas


First impressions make a profound impact on how we feel about a person, place or experience.

The same holds true for patients entering a breast treatment center. At The University of Kansas Breast Imaging Center in Kansas City, Kansas, from the moment patients walk in the door, they feel a sense of comfort. For those experiencing the anxiety of undergoing a mammography exam or a breast biopsy procedure, the Center knows making a good first impression is critical to providing quality care.

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Mini C-Arm Cuts Triage Time in Busy Pediatric Emergency Department

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Mini CArm

While wait times at most pediatric emergency departments (ED) are up, some of the busiest EDs have found ways to significantly drive down triage time.

One of the biggest challenges EDs face today is improving patient throughput, and a major bottleneck to patient flow is caused by high-volumes of orthopedic cases. Over 50 percent of all upper limb and 21 percent of all lower limb ED admissions in the United States are due to some type of fracture. This is especially true at pediatric hospitals, where there is typically a large orthopedic population.

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Ob-Gyn Practice Sets a Big City Standard for Better Breast Care

Neary & Hunter Ob-Gyn
Worcester, Massachusetts


Worcester, the second largest city in Massachusetts, is home to some of New England's biggest healthcare systems, including a renowned medical school that produces some of the nation's best physicians. That's why it may come as a surprise that an independent ob-gyn practice, Neary & Hunter, was the first in the region since FDA approval to offer digital mammography, the latest in breast cancer screening technologies. For Neary & Hunter, offering services like digital mammography and osteoporosis screening are natural extensions of its traditional women's healthcare services.

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Preparing for Tomorrow's Imaging Technologies Today

Images for Life

The radiologists, technologists and administrators featured in this collection of published stories are passionate about meeting the unique needs of women's healthcare with state-of-the-art care in a compassionate environment. They accomplish their missions in many ways, but they share two things in common: a belief in Hologic and a commitment to Selenia Dimensions 2D mammography. This focus has allowed them to free up their staff to pay attention to the most important part of their breast centers — their patients

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Special Workshops on Digital Mammorgraphy

Hands-On Mammography Self-Assessment Digital Workshops for Radiologists

Four hands-on self-assessment digital mammography workshops are planned for RSNA. The 75-minute programs involve reading cases on state-of-the-art diagnostic workstations and are taught by distinguished faculty.

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Global Women's Health Intitiative

Isn't It Time You Made The Promise?

Promise to MeEvery time you make the promise at PromiseToMe.com and pass it on, Hologic will donate $1 towards preventive healthcare for uninsured women, including osteoporosis testing, cervical cancer screening and mammograms.

Make the promise and pass it on.

Request free Promise To Me collateral for your site.

Hologic, ATEC, Dimensions, Fluoroscan, SecurView, SecurXchange, and Selenia are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Hologic and/or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

*With systems available in 40 countries across 4 continents, the Selenia Dimensions system is the first practical tool to deliver on the extraordinary promise of breast tomosynthesis. In the United States, Selenia Dimensions is available as a 2D-only system and is upgradeable to do breast tomosynthesis (2D/3D) imaging when and if the product is approved by the FDA.

** Top-Ranked Pediatric Hospitals for Orthopedics. U.S. News & World Report. 2010.


Educational Opportunities

Hands-on Mammography Self-Assessment Digital Workshops for Radiologists

30 November thru 1 December
RSNA 2010
Chicago, IL

Four hands-on self-assessment digital mammography workshops are planned for RSNA. The 75-minute programs involve reading cases on state-of-the-art diagnostic workstations and are taught by distinguished faculty.

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MRI-Guided Biopsy, Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy, and Stereotactic Core Biopsy
2-4 October
Boston area

Breast MRI Case Review: Accredited One-Hour Webinar
6 October

View a listing of upcoming Hologic supported Imaging, Intervention and On-line medical education programs.

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