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RE:naming - Aegis
Dear fellow team members:
We’re looking for a name to REmember. We have big plans for the future of our Aegis product line, and expanding this offering means that we have to REthink the product’s name to REbrand its image. We are in the process of soliciting ideas on how to REposition it for future growth, and this is where you come in.
Here’s what you need to know:
Aegis will be morphing to a more multi-tiered approach.
There will be a basic version that will run on our SecurView Workstation as a multi-modality solution. This version will need its own name, separate from the traditional version of Aegis.
The more traditional version of Aegis will also need a new name. This name does not have to be associated with the basic “multi-modality” version.
Keep in mind the reconstruction and analysis capabilities of our software when it comes to a new name.
Aegis does not have strong brand name recognition, so don’t feel limited by our current naming convention. The sky is the limit as to how we rename and rebrand this product.
The REward for the winning name?
A new iPod Nano!

Send your ideas to me by 2/22 to enter.
Thanks for your participation and creativity, and happy REnaming!
Raul Martinez
Aegis Product Manager
iPod Nano