New data presented at ASTRO 2015 and published in The Lancet shows adjuvant APBI using multi-catheter brachytherapy after breast conserving surgery in patients with early breast cancer is as effective as adjuvant whole breast irradiation with respect to 5-year local control, disease-free survival, and overall survival*.

On October 19, 2015 Dr. Vratislav Strnad presented at the 57th Annual ASTRO Meeting in San Antonio, results from the first prospective, randomized, phase III trial proving non-inferiority of interstitial APBI with whole breast irradiation for selected patients with early stage breast cancer. Dr. Strnad stated that results show that APBI using interstitial multi-catheter brachytherapy can be regarded as a valid alternative treatment option after breast conserving treatment and can be routinely offered in the clinic for all low risk breast cancer patients.

While the GEC-ESTRO study is specific to interstitial multi-catheter, this is great news for APBI in general. Specifically, this study provides powerful Level 1 Evidence that not only confirms existing ASTRO “Suitable” patient selection criteria, but expands the ASTRO “Suitable” category beyond those patients currently identified. With the publication of this data, you should have increased confidence that APBI is a valid alternative treatment option for appropriately selected higher risk women less than 60 y/o with invasive disease or DCIS.

As previously stated – this is great news for APBI and we at Hologic wanted to apprise you of this study. If you have any questions please contact your internal sales representative at

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*Strnad V. et al. 5-year Results of APBI Using Sole Interstitial Multi-Catheter Brachytherapy Versus Whole Breast Irradiation with Boost After Breast Conserving Surgery for Low Risk Invasive and In-Situ Carcinoma of the Female Breast: A Randomized, Phase III, Non-Inferiority Trial., Published on line October 20, 2015,

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