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APTIMA HPV Assay Second generation HPV assay now EBM reimbursed in Germany
As a global leader in Molecular Diagnostics and Women’s Health, Hologic | Gen-Probe is the only company with two FDA-approved and CE-marked HPV Assays: APTIMA HPV and Cervista HPV HR
The APTIMA HPV assay reimbursed according to EBM code 30820 and 30859
The APTIMA HPV assay now available for diagnostics according to S2k guideline of DGGG
Clinical validation according to the guidelines by Meijer et al. Int J Cancer, 2009
The APTIMA HPV assay runs on the fully automated TIGRIS® or PANTHER®
instrument platforms
The APTIMA HPV assay is a second generation HPV assay that provides:
mRNA detection of the oncogenes E6/E7
Coverage of the 14 most prevalent high risk HPV types
Proven performance in multiple clinical trials (Arbyn et al. Int J Cancer, 2013)
High sensitivity for detecting cervical disease (CIN2+)
Improved specificity to reduce the number of clinically false positive results
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