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Show us what YOU can do in 90 seconds:
Announcing Hologic's Call for Surgical Videos!

All surgeons know that some of the best surgical tips and tricks they’ve learned were taught to them in 90 seconds or less. (Think Hydrodilation - it takes just one minute to teach.)

Hologic wants to see (and highlight) your “pearls of surgery” and prove, once and for all, that 90 seconds can make all the difference!

Hologic's Call for Surgical Videos Guidelines:
  All videos must be 90 seconds or less and highlight the specific surgical technique or skill.
  Presentations via PowerPoint will also be considered.
  Video files must be accompanied with the following information: physician name, surgical technique, institution and signed consent form. Please click the link to download the form.
  Deadline for video submission is Friday, October 3, 2014.
  We will select 7–10 videos. The chosen physicians will be notified by October 17, 2014 and will be asked to present their video at the Hologic sponsored symposium at this year's AAGL meeting to be held November 17–21 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

To enter, submit your videos to AAGLSurgicalVideos2014@hologic.com

Selected videos will be highlighted during the Hologic-sponsored symposium at this year’s annual AAGL meeting!


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