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MyoSure - One solution for hysteroscopic tissue removal

The MyoSure® tissue removal system is a fast, convenient way to remove intrauterine pathology, pairing direct hysteroscopic visualization with 100% mechanical resection, to preserve uterine form and function.

Now we’re taking it to the next level – with devices that raise the bar on performance, operational efficiency, and patient satisfaction. You can visually identify and completely remove targeted pathology all with a single scope.


The new MyoSure XL tissue removal device

  Increased cutting window for large pathologies
  New button on the device allows physicians to better control the suction of fluid and tissue for improved visualization

MyoSure applications
The system can be used for:
- Directed biopsy
- Polypectomy
- Myomectomy
- Adhesiolysis
- Septum removal

You can see more, do more, and provide better care to more patients than ever.

To learn more,
visit Booth 300 at AAGL 2014.


The Aquilex® fluid control system

The high-performance Aquilex system is designed to minimize procedure time by rapidly achieving and holding constant distention, while providing optimal visualization to the surgeon.


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