Summer of the Sharks Contest!


Over the years, we’ve created many Brain Shark modules for your reference 24/7.  This has been a great tool, and we’ve just added Tomosynthesis System Design”!  We also have more coming out this summer as new products are launched. 


So the contest is for all Account Managers, WHS and Regional Directors. Those who complete 10 Brain Sharks by the end of July will win a gift card!  If you complete ALL NEW and EXISTING Brain Sharks by the October NSM, you win another PRIZE! (Credit given for sharks completed in the past 3 months) We will be automatically tracking each person’s progress to determine the winners!


Brain Sharks can be viewed on your iPad, so contact IS if you need assistance. They are for INTERNAL USE only and, are located on the InfoCenter under the Sales Tab in the Brainshark Archive within the Imaging folder. Questions, contact Lisa Hession-Kunz at


Good Luck!

  Aegis & Sentinelle training:  There are four modules for MRI training, prepared for the National Sales meeting October 2010.   

Š         Module 1 – Basics to MRI - 10 minutes 

Š         Module 2 – Product Positioning:  customer problems, solutions, features & benefits – 6 minutes

Š         Module 3 – Aegis Software:  Images & Tools – 9 minutes

Š         Module 4 – Product Compatibility OEM – Coils & Stretchers – 4 minutes

Affirm Biopsy Guidancea review of the breast biopsy system:  design, components, features and its interface with the Selenia Dimensions and breast biopsy devices – 15 minutes


CAD Quantra US Triala review of free trial programs for our Cenova customers:  ImageChecker CAD, Quantra and DigitalNow HD – 4 minutes


Corporate Accountsreviews the corporate team approach to pricing, quoting, leveraging & maintaining our customers – 9 minutes


Detector Technologies:  an overview of 3 different detector technologies with comparisons – 14 minutes                                                                       


 DigitalNow HD 1.0 Complete Sales Trainingan in-depth review of the special workflow enhancing software for radiologist’s interpretations of mammography exams – 13 minutes


DigitalNow HD 1.0 Quick Sales Traininga quick review of the top level selling points of the DigitalNow HD software – 6 minutes


Hologic Digitizer Software and Processes:  a review of the features and benefits of the digitizer hardware, software and advantages over our competition – 7 minutes


ImageChecker 9.3 Salesan in-depth review of the ImageChecker CAD software utilized in mammography examinations – 18 minutes


LS Wide Feeder Scanner Solution:  this review covers the latest in the LS film digitizing solution, a wide feeder – 4 minutes    


MammoPad for Account Managersa high level training on MammoPad and customer marketing program; provides slides that may be copied/pasted into a power point presentation – 13 minutes       


Maximum Comfort Packagean overview of the features & benefits and how this product enhances the Multicare Platinum Biopsy Table – 12 minutes


Quantra-Salesan overview of breast density, Quantra software and how it assists a radiologist in determining a woman’s breast density – 15 minutes 


SecurXchange Referring Physician Viewera review of a web-based viewer that is licensed to the SecurXchange Archive and the customer based that is targeted – 3 minutes


SecurXchange Archivean overview of the SecurXchange Archive through defining, positioning and cost – 6 minutes


SecurXchange Routeran overview of the SecurXchange Router through defining, positioning and cost – 9 minutes   


Selenia Dimensions Domestic Configurationexplains the new AWS options of the Selenia Dimensions system; includes positioning, value and ordering – 9 minutes     


New!  Selenia Dimensions System Design for Tomosynthesis An overview of the system design features of tomosynthesis for the Selenia Dimensions system – 19 minutes


Stereotactic Products: an in-depth review of the Multicare Platinum Biopsy table with a comparison to other vendor’s products – 22 minutes


True Cost of CR Mammographya review of CR mammography including its inferior system components, workflow and image quality; comparisons to Hologic’s superior image quality is included – 32 minutes


Ultrasound Basics Module 1: reviews the basics of breast ultrasound:  anatomy, characteristics and a little physics – 18 minutes


Ultrasound Basics Module 2a review of the latest technology, including features and benefits, of the SSI Aixplorer and Shearwave Elastography – 18 minutes


Using Citra with Advanced Diagnostic Workstation –Salesthis reviews the advanced CAD features; it is helpful to have first reviewed the ImageChecker CAD brainshark – 9 minutes


Winning in Today’s Economythis presentation gives key winning strategies using tools & skills to give solutions to sales challenges – 21 minutes