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Welcome to the Siebel Brainshark app for iPad, a categorized library of learning modules.


iPad Brainshark Videos:

Siebel IPad Training: IPad Training Presentation

Select Accounts & Contacts for your iPad: This video demonstrates the steps required to view accounts and contacts on your iPad.

IBS: CES Top 15 Visit Activity: Intended for the IBS Clinical Education Specialists, this video demonstrates the steps to enter an account activity with the topic of "Top 15 Visit" and "CE Advanced Training". This video can be used by anyone entering an activity on the IPad.

Surgical: New Hire Presentation: Training for Surgical New Hires

Web Version Brainshark Videos:

Customize the column order to suit your preference: Move, show or hide columns within Siebel to suit the way you prefer to see data. This applies to Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Opportunities and anywhere a data grid is displayed.

Search / Query an Account: For all Siebel users, this video will demonstrate the steps to run a basic Query to find a desired account.

Export a List of Data: For all Siebel users, this video will demonstrate the steps to export a list of data from Siebel. This applies anywhere in Siebel where there is a data grid (Excel-like) such as Accounts, Contacts, Activities and Opportunities.

Associate a Contact to Multiple Accounts Easily associate a contact to more than one account.

Query for Profile Data (Advanced) Perform an advanced query to search for a specific Profile Data value then save the query.

Create an Opportunity and Quote: Create an opportunity for an account then jump to For those not using, the opportunity process will still apply.

Diagnostic: TCR Self Service Setup: Set up an account and an account contact with the ability to enter TCR Self Service data and monitor the monthly participation via Analytics reports.