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More information. Less guesswork.

Hologic is proud to announce the launch of the new Quantitative Rapid fFN test. This test detects how much fetal fibronectin is present, allowing you to quantify your patient’s risk of early delivery.
When your patient is experiencing symptoms of preterm labour, you want to be as confident as possible in your decision to admit, observe or discharge her.

Quantitative fFN provides you with an improved level of information, enabling you to make a more accurate and confident patient management decision.
Every patient is unique and you want to treat her that way. Quantitative fFN will help you identify her individual risk.
Test results are available in a matter of minutes.

In patients with signs and symptoms of preterm labour:

75% More than 500 ng/mL of fFN?   99% Less than 10 ng/mL of fFN?
There is a 75% chance she will deliver before 34 weeks.1   There is a 99% chance she will not deliver before 34 weeks.1
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1. Rapid fFN 10Q Cassette Kit, Hologic, #PRD-01018, Sunnyvale, CA GBR-13-036-EN-A
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